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The D2R Server for DBLP publishes the DBLP Bibliography Database as linked data on the Semantic Web. The server provides RDF and HTML views on the database and answers SPARQL queries on the database.

An important part of the Semantic Web is linking data from different sources. If you have a FOAF profile, then you can link from it to the data about you in the DBLP database. This allows RDF browsers like Tabulator to browse from your FOAF profile into the DBLP database. It also allows clients like the Semantic Web Client Library to use both data sources when answering SPARQL queries about you and your publications.

There are several ways how to place the links. This page provides step-by-step instructions for three different methods.

We assume that you already have chosen a URI for yourself and put it into your FOAF file. If not, then you should do it, because you deserve a URI!

1. Declaring a owl:sameAs Relationship

You can declare in your FOAF profile that you are the same person as one of the authors mentioned in the DBLP database. You can do this by pointing to that author using an owl:sameAs statement. This allows Semantic Web clients to merge information about you from your profile and from the database.

  1. Find the URI that identifies you in the DBLP database using the search box here. On your personal page, your DBLP URI appears right below the headline (example).

  2. Add an owl:sameAs statement to your FOAF profile, using the DBLP URI:

    <foaf:Person rdf:about="your FOAF URI">
        <foaf:name>your name</foaf:name>
        <owl:sameAs rdf:resource=""/>

DBLP may contain bibliographical information about many of your papers and articles. You can link to individual papers from your FOAF profile. To link to a paper:

  1. Find the paper's DBLP URI by navigating to its page in the database (example). You can find the URI below the headline.

  2. Add the paper to your profile:

    <foaf:Document rdf:about="DBLP URI of the paper">
        <dc:creator rdf:resource="your FOAF URI"/>

The DBLP database provides a SPARQL endpoint. You can take advantage of that endpoint and the CONSTRUCT feature of the SPARQL query language to create dynamic RDF documents that contain links to all your papers in the DBLP. These documents update automatically when new information becomes available in DBLP, and you can freely choose the RDF vocabulary used in the document. For example, the query below finds papers authored by Chris, and generates a document that:

PREFIX foaf: <>
PREFIX dc: <>
  <> foaf:made ?paper
  ?paper a foaf:Document .
  ?paper dc:creator <>

Now, Chris could link to the result document (live link) from his FOAF profile:

<foaf:Person rdf:about="your FOAF URI">
    <foaf:name>your name</foaf:name>
    <rdfs:seeAlso rdf:resource="live link to result document"/>

You can use the form below to generate a live link for a query of your choice:

List of FOAF Profiles Linking to the DBLP Database


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